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la linea cartel

"I never even gave the United States much thought," said one of the family members, "But Mexico has abandoned us, betrayed us. La Linea, which is a 100-person splinter group operating along the Texas-Mexico border, is currently in conflict with the Sinaloa Cartel, causing what Vigil called complete carnage in the area. [26][30] According to the investigations, the perpetrators left behind four written cardboards, but the authorities did not release the content of the messages. La Resistencia accused CJNG of giving up Oscar Valencia (El Lobo) to the authorities and called them Los Torcidos (The Twisted Ones). The cartel was targeting law enforcement because of the arrest of a high-ranking La Linea member, Jesus Armando Acosta Guerrero, AKA El 35, and … [14] The relatives and witnesses interviewed after the massacre insisted that the teenagers had nothing to do with the drug trade and were "good kids. Courtesy Show More Show … [5][8] Their former gang leader, nicknamed El Diego, was guilty of carrying out more than 1,500 killings from 2008 to 2011. [9], Gunmen burst into a party in a small working-class neighborhood known as Villas de Salvárcar in Ciudad Juárez, killing 16 teenagers on 31 January 2010. The best masks for people who wear glasses. In La Línea, drug clans act with impunity. La Opinión. The town's police force and its mayor, Juan Franco, detail how their home became a smuggling hot spot. [18] But Calderón was widely criticized for his initial comments after the massacre, where he claimed that the investigations had showed that those killed were almost certainly targeted for being involved in organized crime. Here's how he did. Jalisco New Generation Cartel started as one of the splits of Milenio Cartel, the other being La Resistencia. Scroll through the slideshow to see photos sent in by the men who claim to be part of the La Linea drug cartel. The new justice system’s “revolving door” allowed the presumed leader of La Línea, whose battle yesterday with the Sinaloa Cartel left 15 dead, to go free. [11] Some of the teenagers were shot as they tried to flee and their corpses were found in the neighboring houses. [34][35][36] Before the detonation, the cartel members had dumped an injured man dressed in police uniform on the sidewalk to lure the Mexican authorities and paramedics closer to the vehicle. La Linea operates as an enforcer of the Juarez Cartel. [69][68] El Mocho's brother Fernando and two La Linea members identified as “El Canguro” and “El Torres” are believed to have assisted El Mocho in the group's illegal activities. [32] In Ciudad Juárez alone, there are around 100,000 drug addicts and many of the rehab clinics are unlicensed and ran by former addicts, making them easy points for the cartels to infiltrate. [14] They gave no official statement for the motives behind the killing, but the massacre bore all the signs of the drug violence that Ciudad Juárez was living for the past three years. [21] The suspect said he acted as a lookout for the 24 gunmen that perpetrated the killing and had orders to "kill everyone inside. A stone's throw from Africa, the Spanish beach town of La Línea is a drug smuggling hot spot. [22] In 2012 it was later confirmed by the Mexican authorities that the massacre was ordered by José Antonio Acosta Hernández (El Diego), a former drug baron of La Línea that is now imprisoned. The government has … [55] And while none of these gangs have the near power of its original group, they have triggered fights in several states across Mexico. The home gang, Santa Rosa de Lima, sells cheaper blue-tinged methamphetamines for $1.40. Since its beginnings, the cartel has focused on drug trafficking, but has expanded into other criminal activities such as human trafficking, kidnapping, local drug distribution and extortion. RELATED: Mexican cartel hitwoman 'La Flaca' found dismembered, stuffed in cooler. [26] The three-story facility housed addicts for 90 days, although some of the victims had more than a year or two in rehabilitation. The cartel has been identified as part of the Juarez-based La Linea cartel, who have been in a turf war with the Los Salazar group, a rival gang. Other experts echo that the cartel is having difficulties paying its members and that the violence will continue to decline as its hegemony erodes. Mexican government officials now believe the people who ambushed and killed nine Americans belonged to "La Línea," part of the Juárez drug cartel. [60] NPR reports indicated that several people in Ciudad Juárez, including but not limited to local journalists and former policemen, perceived that the Mexican government allegedly favored the Sinaloa cartel in their battle against the Juárez cartel. The head of the Mexican military’s joint chiefs of staff, Homero Mendoza, said authorities now believe the massacre was perpetrated by La Linea (The Line), a drug cartel based in Chihuahua. Once they gain information of how the facility works, they co-opt the workers or threaten to kill them. [32] Unlike the government-licensed clinics, the private centers are not associated with the penal system and have limited security measures, leaving the victims vulnerable to attacks by gangs seeking revenge or the elimination of a potential police informant. [11] The Mexican authorities issued a reward of $1 million pesos for anyone who could provide information that led to the arrest of the killers. As nei… [31], By June 2011, a leader of La Línea admitted planning and coordinating the attack against the drug facility. [44] After firing more than 70 bullets, the attackers fled the scene in three different cars at around 11:00 p.m.[45][46] According to the witnesses' descriptions, the attackers were teenagers who had secured the area by blocking traffic. The photos, published by El Blog del Narco, which chronicles cartel operations, provide the public a glimpse of life as a member of the ruthless La Linea, a group of enforcers for the Juarez Cartel. [55] Hence, the impact of the NJC depends on whether they can reconstitute a force capable of fighting the Sinaloa cartel for a lengthy time, but thus far, the NJC does not pose as a direct threat to the Sinaloa establishment and for a reopening of a new fight for Ciudad Juárez. [55], Through graffiti signs in the state of Chihuahua on June 2011, La Línea announced that it had formed an alliance with Los Zetas, a criminal group originally formed by ex-commandos of the Mexican Army Special Forces, and threaten the Sinaloa cartel operatives. [1] Their corrupt "line" of policemen were set up to protect drug traffickers, but after forming an alliance with Barrio Azteca to fight off the forces of the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008, they established a foothold in Ciudad Juárez as the enforcement wing of the Juárez cartel. The poor-quality footage circulated on social media for several days and has authorities bracing for more violence. The Jalisco Cartel sells crystal-clear meth at $2.30 per dose. La Linea is another name for the Juárez drug cartel. A message left at the scene claimed that La Línea were responsible for the blast, and threatened further attacks: "We still have car bombs ... [and this will] continue to happen to authorities that carry on supporting El Chapo ... FBI and DEA. Mexican cartel hitwoman 'La Flaca' found dismembered, stuffed in cooler, 5 Peloton bike alternatives for indoor cardio, How a virtual movie club has helped me survive the pandemic. From exotic animals and mounds of cocaine to flashy cars and arsenals of illegal weapons, La Linea leaked more than 60 photos of their outrageous expenditures to a Mexican media outlet.

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